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A better return

We are confident that Islington Lettings will provide you with a better return on your valuable investment than a high street agent. The table opposite, based on a two bed flat/house in the borough, shows how you can be better off with Islington Lettings.

These are example costs. The rental value of each property will be assessed individually. By working with Islington Lettings your net income from lettings is likely to be significantly higher, as well as guaranteed!

This is because with Islington Lettings, Landlords have no ongoing costs, such as management fees, sign up fees or inventory fees. We also cover any rent arrears or void periods with our guaranteed rent, which is paid to you as a lump sum, up to six months in advance!

Working with us takes away the worry, hassle and fees and provides you with a secure and cost effective way to let your property in Islington.

Annual Letting Income
Your monthly Letting Income
Your total annual Letting income
Annual Letting Costs / Fees
Allowance for annual voids (3 weeks)
Sign up / Tenancy prep fees
Letting Management charges (10%)
Loss for possible rent arrears (4 weeks)
Cost for Inventory
Cost for tenancy renewal
Your total annual Letting costs
Total Net annual Income to you
Total Net annual Income to you